ALejandro saldivar

December 2018

Alejandro is a smart and strong 16-year-old boy who loves typical things that boys his age do. He really enjoys hanging out with friends on the weekends; he loves to be a gamer. His dream is to be a big name in the e-sports industry.
Last year we figured out that Alejandro had a rare lump on the back of his head. The lump has been growing slowly and putting pressure on one side of his brain. Due to this lump sometimes Alejandro feels very dizzy and has strong headaches, which is the reason why he has been missing school, alongside the opportunities to do all the things he loves.
This has affected his vision and is causing many side effects on his health such as nausea, incapacity to focus, insomnia etc.
Alejandro hasn’t been diagnosed yet.  They are still doing tests to learn more about his condition.
Sadly about one month ago we discovered another lump on the top of his head.
We hope to find answers for Alejandro soon.