Averie Dunn

May 2019

         Averie is a happy, sweet, loving 5-year-old little girl who knows what she wants. She loves fishing, riding her bike, anything arts and crafts and playing with her little brother. Averie also loves anything unicorn or mermaid, she's especially excited for her unicorn birthday on June 8th.

         On April 10th 2019 we took Averie to her doctor for being pale, unexplained fevers on and off and very tired all the time. After her hemoglobin came back at 2.6, we were sent to Randall Children’s Hospital ER.  It was the longest hour drive of our lives. When we arrived at the hospital Averie received 4 units of blood. Upon more testing, the next day she was diagnosed with Leukemia and immediately started chemo treatments. On Monday, April 15th we were finally able to go home.  It was terrifying as a parent to go home an hour away from the great doctors and nurses! Averie has had to have many lumbar punctures and each time they give her bad spinal headaches and nausea. Averie's treatment will be about 2 ½ years. We will travel from Longview, WA to Portland, OR 2-4 times a week during the course of her treatment for chemo.  She will also have her chemo pills she takes every day at home. Averie has had to leave Kindergarten and most likely will not be able to go back until half way through First Grade. Before her diagnosis, Averie was a very outgoing happy 5-year-old. Through all this she has become very quiet and shy. Slowly we are working to get back to her happy and outgoing self.