Holly bruno

MARCH 2017

Holly is a 9-yr old who is battling cancer for the 2nd time. In August 2015, after weeks of pain and eventual numbness in her face an MRI revealed a large, inoperable tumor at the base of her skull, called rhabdomyosarcoma. She went through 28 days of radiation and 9 mos of intense treatment. In July 2016 she celebrated the end of treatment and enjoyed almost 6 months of remission. She loved doing all the things she had given up while going through treatment. Unfortunately at the beginning of 2017, the numbness returned and an MRI confirmed that the tumor was growing again. Treatment is more difficult this time and the chances of it working have dropped dramatically. However, Holly continues to fight to find joy in the journey, choosing to get off the couch to go to school when possible and to dance with her friends. She is grateful for the love that is all around her.