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April 2019

My beautiful son, Kristion Kim is 15 years old and a Freshman at Tualatin High School.  He plays football and basketball.  He is one of 8 children.

Kristion had been losing weight for months.  We saw his pediatrician multiple times with no answers.  His doctor thought he had an eating disorder and was losing the weight on purpose.  This was definitely NOT the case.  My son eats.  And eats a lot.  He just kept losing weight so rapidly.  I knew something was not right.   I told his doctor the next week that this is not an eating disorder.  Something is very wrong!  She ordered an x-ray and ultra sound.  The ultrasound was the next morning.  It revealed a large mass in Kristion’s stomach.  They immediately did a CAT scan as well.  They then rushed us to Doernbecher Children’s Hospital for a biopsy.  The Oncologist said he was stumped as to what this was.  The mass was so large that it had moved his organs over to places they shouldn’t be. 

We finally found out that my son has a rare form of cancer called Liposarcoma.  Only 39 cases are documented with my son now being 40.  He is the 5th child ever diagnosed with this cancer.  He will be having surgery this month to remove the tumor that takes up his entire stomach.  Please continue to pray for my brave amazing son!  His FB Group is Prayers for Kristion Kim Was Diagnosed With A Rare Liposarcoma Cancer.