September 2019

Levi is a fun-loving 3 year old little boy who loves cars (especially Lightning McQueen), trains (especially Thomas), animals of every kind, and all things sports. Before his symptoms began he would go outside with his dad and play basketball for hours at a time. He absolutely loves doing puzzles and can put 100+ piece puzzles together all by himself. He has a delightful sense of humor that keeps us laughing every day. Levi adores his older brother Clayton, who is 18 years old, and his baby sister Erin, who is 6 weeks old.

Levi is mommy & daddy’s big helper whether it’s cooking dinner, mowing the lawn, fixing the cars or caring for the baby. When he isn’t doing all of those things, he loves to snuggle up with us and watch movies. Somehow it always ends up “his turn” to pick.

Levi is shy for a few minutes when he meets someone new but then his goofy, social, life-of-the-party side comes out and he will make them his new best friend. Then he gives hugs to everyone and waves and blows kisses when people have to leave. He gives an enthusiastic thumbs up whenever he does something he is proud of.

Levi was diagnosed on August 6th with DIPG, which is an inoperable, aggressive and currently incurable brain cancer. Since his diagnosis, he has lost his ability to do the sports he loves so much but he is still the loving, determined little boy we have always known. We know he will fight this with every ounce of his being and we will fight along with him every step of the way.