Olivia Kalivas

October 2019

Olivia is 11 years old. She is a very social and optimistic artist, soccer player and dancer. She was accepted into a really cool Art Middle School this year and she loves attending when she feels good enough to. She is extremely compassionate, health conscious and very considerate of everyone’s perspective on any given subject. She is truly a unique gem of a human - which is why she has such a huge community of friends surrounding her.

Olivia was diagnosed with an extremely rare and aggressive cancer called Rhabdomyosarcoma on 7/22/19. Unfortunately she also has a genetic mutation called “MyoD1” which means her body won’t likely respond to any treatment. She has been on very heavy chemo for 5 weeks straight so far. Her last MRI revealed no changes, but per standard protocol at Doernbecher, she is set to continue with the same regimen for another month in hopes that something will change.