February 2019

Rocking Warrior Ricky is a 10 years old boy from Portland, Oregon who loves the outdoors, riding his bike and playing in the sand with his quad. He loves fast and the furious, and playing with this hot wheels. In his down time he is also a member of a band called vial...experiment. He enjoys every minute he gets to play.

Ricky has 4 siblings, one sister and three brothers. Ricky was diagnosed in December 2017 with an inoperable brain tumor called (DIPG) with 0% survival rate. It is a monster. He fights like a warrior every single day.

We have definitely had our ups and downs. We try to enjoy every moment of every second that we have together. Ricky has always brightened up everyone’s life with his big heart, beautiful smile and all around pure soul. That why he’s our ROCKING WARRIOR RICKY!